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It’s an ancient city and one of the major seaside resorts on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast, located in Burgas Province. It is included in its list of World Heritage Sites (UNESCO, 1983).

The older part of Nessebar bears evidence of occupation by a variety of different civilizations over the course of its existence.

Originally a Thracian settlement, the city is known as Menebria or Melsambria at the beginning of the 6th century BC. At the beginning of the 6th century BC the town became a Greek colony. Mesembria (Greek) was an important trading center from then on and a rival of Apollonia (Sozopol). The Bulgarian version of the name, Nessebar or Mesebar, has been attested since the 11th century.

The capture of the town by the Turks in 1453 marked the start of its decline, but its architectural heritage remained and was enriched in the 19th century by the construction of wooden houses in style typical for the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast during this period.

Nessebar was developed as a key Bulgarian seaside resort since the beginning of the 20th century. After 1925 a new town part was built and the historic Old Town was restored.

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